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Workbenches: Which is Best for Your Application?

A workbench is nothing more than a sturdy table in which you can perform manual work. It can range from a simple flat surface to a more complex design and can vary in size to accommodate different needs.

Choosing from the various workbenches for sale will depend on the type of project you will be doing as well as the place where the workbench will be installed. You should also consider space and storage of different materials and tools. Keep in mind that simple design workbenches are usually easy to assemble while workbenches with more complex designs may require a good skill and attention to detail.

Characteristics of a good workbench

Although workbenches for sale vary in design, there are some common features that tell you if the workbench you are considering is a good one.

  • It should offer enough space for mounting, storing , or accessing tools.
  • It should feature a height adjustment capability to ensure a comfortable height for seated work or standing work.
  • It should offer a way to fix the workpiece to the surface of the bench, so it can be operated with both hands.

Depending on the type of work they are designed to suit, workbenches can be made from a variety of different materials such as metal, wood, stainless steel and stone.

Multipurpose Workbenches

These benches are light and small, and typically come with clamps built in so they can be moved around. Although they are not much stable, they can be used for a variety of manual work.

Table Workbenches

An industrial workbench used for general work due to its ability to handle heavy tools and materials. It is usually made out of solid wood and has special mechanisms for clamping.

Cabinet Style Workbenches

If you are a type of person who has a great range of tools, equipment, and materials and like to have then within easy reach while working on a project, this type of bench will work well for you. Cabinet style workbenches may come with drawers either underneath the table, on top, or both, and will often have a pegboard alongside the wall, which make great for hanging tools for convenient access.

Power Strip Workbenches

These workbenches feature multiple power outlets placed at convenient and strategic position around the bench as well as heavy duty power cords.

Metalworking Workbenches

These are hardcore workbenches designed to handle the harshness of grinding, casting, forging and welding.

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