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What Type Of Air Compressor Hose Do I Need?

Since hose is of vital importance when used with an air compressor, you must ensure the end of the hose that connects to the air compressor has a special connector compatible with the air compressor. This means that the hose must be tightly sealed in order to ensure stable air pressure since having improperly sealed hose won't be of any use. Once damaged, you must replace the air compressor hose with new one, but before doing that, you need to understand the different types, sizes and materials of air compressor hoses available on the market and choose the right one.
Types Of Air Compressor Hoses
There are two types of air compressor hoses available on the market: coiled and retractable.
  • Retractable hoses have no bends and coils, which means they are completely straight. Depending on the use and storage, they can be curled manually or with a special device that curls the hose around a circle base for easier storage and accessibility.
  • The coil air compressor hose, on the other hand, has many small twists that make the hose smaller in length. These hoses are also easy to store because of their small length.
Air Compressor Hose Sizes
If you want to buy the perfect size of air hose (the one that will perfectly match to the air compressor), you must check the air compressor's manual, or look at its label. This is important, as different air compressors can take different size of hoses.
You should also consider the volume of air, meaning that different tools need a different amount of air. For example, small tools need small amount of air, while others need more, which means that you will need an air compressor with more horsepower or a hose with larger diameter.
Types Of Materials
High-quality air hoses consist of at least three layers: the outer cover, the reinforcement layer and the inner tube, however, the hose itself is made of one material. Have a look at the types of materials used for hoses.
  • Rubber
Rubber is the most commonly used material for hoses. Rubber hoses can work perfectly in both high and low temperatures, and are suitable for industrial, home, agricultural and many other applications.
  • PVC 
PVC or polyvinyl chloride is plastic used in a range of applications. PVC air compressor hoses are an affordable option and they are perfect for general use like inflating and painting.
  • Nylon 
Nylon hoses are used mainly for light applications like airbrushing, and they are usually the coiled ones with a smaller diameter. These types of hoses are durable since the nylon can also withstand high temperatures.
  • Polyurethane 
This type of material is used for high-pressure applications. Polyurethane hoses are extremely durable, flexible, resistant to oil, grease, cuts and can withstand high and low temperatures.
Air Compressor Hose Features
If you want to make the most use of your hose, choose one with a braided, spiral or woven reinforcement under the outer cover. This additional support will make the hose more durable and flexible. You should also pay attention to other features like additional hose adapters, anodized fittings that resist rust and corrosion and filters in order to make the most use of your hose.
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