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Ultimate Wooden Entertainment Unit Buying Guide

The TV itself is never the only focal point of the living room. Sure, you sit and you focus on the TV, but when the TV is off, and you're having coffee with friends, the focus in on something else. It's on the entertainment unit on which the TV is placed. That entire corner of the room is the focal point. And the way it's designed and decorated says a lot about the owner. Why? Well, because even if you don't want to, your attention is going to get caught by that entire corner of the room; the TV and its surrounding area. And since all the attention is on it, you might as well keep it in good shape. Do you own a wooden entertainment unit? Old, like bought from a yard sale decades ago? If so, it might be time for some renovations in the house.
1. TV Stands
As its name suggests, the TV stand is a simple stand made exclusively for storing your TV. Usually these are small, and offer a platform for placing the TV and underneath storage space for storing DVD's or even your DVD system. If your living room is small, this is the right choice. And if you want to save more space, choose a corner wooden entertainment unit; something stylish and made for your essentials, the TV and the DVD.
2. TV Consoles
The TV console is a wooden entertainment unit just a little bigger than a simple TV stand. It has additional compartments and shelves underneath and on both sides for storing more elements, like maybe a stereo system, or a game console. A TV console can house an 81 cm TV the most.
3. An Entertainment Unit
The entertainment unit is slightly bigger than the TV console, as it has more shelves and some even have drawers as additional space for storing electronic elements. An entertainment unit is great if you own a game console. You can house it along with all the TV , CDs and DVDs in one place.
4. Entertainment Armoires
The armoire is the biggest entertainment unit you can get. It has the most space for storing additional electronics like stereo systems, DVDs and game consoles. Its biggest advantage is that it has doors that can be closed when you're not using your equipment. Also, it's the most expensive one.
5. Media Cabinets
Media cabinets are used when your TV is on the ground or hanging from the ceiling, and you only need to house the additional electronic elements like the home theater or stereo components.
This pretty much makes your choice for replacing the old wooden entertainment unit in your living room. What are you going to choose depends largely on your room space and room style. Whatever you decide to get, it should meet your exact needs and fit well in your room.
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