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Top 5 Most Famous Chefs in the World

For many people, cooking is not just a necessity, but also an art! There is nothing artistic in cleaning up a plate with the food you've been preparing for an hour or few in just a matter of minutes. But preparing food is definitely an art that has lured millions of people into committing their lives to cooking by becoming chefs. Many people know how to prepare other dishes than an omellete, spaghetti and a green salad, but some people have perfected the art of cooking and became inspiration for many wannabe-culinary artists.

Whether via popular TV cooking shows or introducing new and innovative dishes, there are some chefs who became extremely popular all over the world. They use their talents, skills and passion to create dishes that leave millions of people in an awe. Usually, they complete their dishes by putting their hearts on top, which is what makes them as special as they are. Below is a list of top 5 most famous chefs in the world who have built reputation on signature dishes and their exceptional culinary talent and skills.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef who became famous for his TV cooking shows, cookbooks and his inspiring global campaign for better food in school. The goal of his “Food Revolution” campaign is to make the world healthier by providing basic food education to children. Jamie made his debut on TV in 1997 and ever since, he hosted and starred in a variety of TV and radio shows and advertisements. His TV shows are broadcasting in more than 100 countries around the world, with “The Naked Chef” being the most popular one of all time.

Julia Child

Before many of today's most famous celebrity chefs were even born, Julia Child has her own TV cooking show and was an absolute hit in the USA. Julia was the first celebrity chef to introduce the American audience to French cuisine with her first-ever cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and her television cooking show “The French Chef”. Although she died 12 years ago, her legacy is here to inspire new, ambitious culinary masters.

Gordon Ramsay

This Scottish-born chef has become one of the most popular celebrity chefs in the world, even though his dream once was to be a football player. The unfortunate injury he sustained as a football player turned out to be a very fortunate case. After establishing several highly-successful eateries around the world, Gordon Ramsay wanted to demonstrate his mad cooking skills to a wider audience and so became a host to “Kitchen's Nightmares”, “Hell's Kitchen” and MasterChef USA”. His quick temper makes him fun to watch, as seen in his most popular TV show - “Hell's Kitchen”.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is an Australia-born American celebrity chef who was among the first chefs to ever combine French cooking techniques with traditionally California-grown ingredients. His unique fusion cooking style has revolutionized the American cooking, which is why he is also among the world's richest chefs. With several cookbooks bearing his name on the front-page, numerous restaurants under his control, few catering businesses and a plenty of licensed products, Wolfgang Puck is certainly the most successful American immigrant of the 20th century. Also, he hosted and starred in a plenty of TV cooking shows.

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is a naturally gifted chef who had no formal training in cooking, yet owns a highly awarded restaurant in California. Unlike most culinary artists, Thomas relies on his natural instinct to cook and that has (probably) been the reason for his rise to fame. Keller is the only American chef who has been awarded three Michelin stars in a row for 2 different restaurants. Also, he has been awarded as the Best Californian Chef in 1997, which makes him inspiration for many wannabe-chefs. Thomas Keller is a living proof that experience is the best teacher.

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