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The Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Dildos In Australia

Ladies, ladies oh ladies. I bet you watched Sex and the City dozens of times and you secretly desire to be like Samantha (the slutty one). She had over dozens of orgasms, either coming from men or her favourite sex toy – a dildo. Let's be honest, no women are sexually satisfied constantly. In some rare occasions some women experience orgasm twenty or thirty in their lifetimes, or in some cases (sadly) never experience one. That’s why you need to have a plastic vibrating stick with you everywhere (and we men sometimes wonder why you buy so big sized purses DOH!). Before you go out and search dildos for sale, through the help of this article you will find the top three dildos that score the highest rating in Australia.

King Cock 11'

Now if you are looking for good quality dildos for sale then stop – the King Cock is here. This cock has huge balls then wait no further. Many women while they are masturbating want to touch the balls, and with this they can experience that satisfaction without the hairs in their way. Every structure of the dildo is realistic, from the veins to the shafts, they are hand crafted to make it feel real. This cock has a dimension of 28 cm length and 6.4 cm width making it ideal for every woman out there. Am I right ladies?

BBC (BIG Black Cocks)

Now, I bet every woman has fantasised about a black cock. This dildo is designed for those who want to get more into the masturbating and have an African night in their va-jj. Feel the magic that this cock has to offer and experience multiple orgasms over and over again! Baby, when you go with big black you never go back – wooo. This fat, long and twisted cock is something you have to try – go, go, go and go, LADIES.

Real Feel Deluxe #12

Now if you want a premium dildo (yes there are even premium dildos) buy the real feel deluxe #12. It is known as the Mercedes-Benz of all cocks if you know what mean. It soft, life-like, with good details such as veins head and balls it is the perfect choice for stroking your vagina. It is created with phthalate-free Fanta-flesh, that mimics the softness of the real deal – woohoo even better! This 27 cm long mean pleasure machine is waterproof which means you can stick it in there for a long time, inside the tub or the shower and have a wet bath if you know what I mean.

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