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The Basics You Need to Know about Tachogenerators

What is A Tachogenerator?

A tachogenerator is an electromechanical device that is used for measuring two types of speeds: shaft speeds and the speed of other types of rotational devices. When it comes to the voltage, a tachogenerator outputs a voltage that is proportional to its shaft speed, and when it comes to the use, these types of generators find use in many different industries because they offer numerous advantages. Generally speaking, a great number of all new tachogenerators are permanent-magnet types that use a rotating armature, wherein one of the ends is attached to a machine shaft in order to measure the rotational speed.

How it Works?

The armature of these types of generators rotates in a fixed magnetic field, meaning that the rotation can provide a voltage that is proportional to the speed of the machine shaft speed.

When the machine shaft rotates, the armature of tachogenerators revolves within the magnetic field, producing an electromagnetic force that is proportional to the measured speed, wherein the electromagnetic force (voltage) is also proportional to the speed.

When it comes to the voltage, it is measured with a moving coil voltmeter with the help of a uniform scale calibrated in speed while the rotation direction is indicated by the output voltage's polarity. Through the help of commutator, tachogenerators collect and convert the electromagnetic force into DC electromagnetic force, and the current from commutator is collected with brushes.

Generally speaking, these types of generators are mainly used for measuring motor speed and corresponding speed of powered equipment like fans, conveyors, mixers, machine tools, and more. However, they are also widely used as feedback components or sources in speed control circuits. These powerful devices give a continuous and proportional supply of voltage to the motor, resulting in higher speed ranges under different loads. However, they are also used in measurement and control systems in order to determine the directional indication.

If you use a tachogenerator to measure the voltage, you will have the power to determine the rotational speed, but if there is no turning movement at all, these types of devices won't be able to produce any voltage at all. Thus, when in the store for purchasing a tachogenerator, it is of vital importance to choose the one that has the right voltage-scale-speed, as these devices come in different scales designed for different applications.

Usually, tachogenerators are being confused with tachometers, because of their similar names and because they are both related to measuring rotational speed. Thus you need to be careful when looking for one, as they are completely different in form and function.

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