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The 4 Styles Of Boho Chic Look

One of the hottest trends in fashion world today, boho look is quite simple and easy to get. It comes from Bohemian people and can be seen in various trends due to style icons Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
If you are not familiar with Bohemians, they are kind of gypsies who are famous for their artistic, unconventional and love lifestyle. And boho fashion comes from these people.
What marks the Boho style is a free and careless dressing combined with a natural makeup that makes a person's look unique and different from others.
If you have been searching the style boho online, then you may have seen that there are four styles of boho chic look. Here they are:
This look is so much in trend today. It is a modern boho fashion style that can be seen in runways all over the world. It is a style that does not require specific clothing or accessories or an ethnic wear. In this style you can be free to dress however you like. As bohemian are popular for their art, you should put more attention to your art rather to your clothes. To get this look, follow your imagination and mix your outfits as you like.
Gypsy bohemians are people who live their life on the roads, meaning they never stay on the same place for a long time and are always visiting different places. This style can be described with an image of a girl with a messy hair, free dresses and sneakers.
To get this look you can wear long skirts, sarongs or loose gowns with traditional denim vests. No boho look is complete without accessories. So, use long earrings, necklaces, bangles of wood, stone and glass. For a perfect gypsy look wear a leather belt round your waist and get a big handbag.
The main focus of beat bohemian people are art and literature. Their style statement include:
  • Beat men like clothes that are durable yet comfortable so they can sleep or drive for weeks like work shirts, tee vests, trousers and hardwearing boots. 
  • Beat women prefer exotic. They may like fitted clothes to show off their figure or loose fitted clothes to hide it. 
  • Artistic pattern and dark color clothes are popular in this style.
  • Oversized bags or cross body bags complete the look.
Zen boho style is the simplest of all. To create this style you need:
  • A basic maxi skirt with a shirt or blouse covered by denim vest can give you a cool boho look. Complete the look with gladiator sandals and a big handbag. 
  • Stylish printed dresses and flared jeans are popular and gives anyone an elegant look. 
  • Accessories are a must for this style. You can use dangly earrings, necklaces made up of stone or wood and metallic bangles. 
  • A big handbag is important to complete any boho look.
Now that you know the 4 styles of boho chic look, you can start to shop boho online. Boho clothes are easily found online these days. Online you will have a great selection to choose for, so creating your favorite style will be a piece of cake.
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