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Snorkeling Equipment: Snorkel Safely and Have Fun

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Leaky fogging mask, fins that blister your feet or a snorkel that floods easily, all this makes enjoying the water impossible. That is why, when it comes to snorkeling equipment, good quality is must to be able to relax and appreciate the great stuff underwater.

In this guide, you will learn some of the snorkeling equipment options available on the market and what you need to consider in order to get the right fit for your mouth, face, and feet. It is true that you have the option to rent this equipment, but once you get a good set of snorkeling gear, it will last you for years. Snorkeling equipment essentials include a snorkel, a mask, and fins.


Simple in design, but snorkels come in different styles, sizes, and types. Your choice should be based on your mouth shape and preferences. Different styles include:

  • Simple tubes snorkels – a popular choice among professional divers, these snorkels require airway control as water will enter the gear.
  • Dry top snorkels – snorkels that have a float at the top to block watering from entering the snorkel as you submerge.
  • Lower purge valves snorkels – these trap water that gets into them and pushes it out of the bottom when you exhale to keep water out of your mouth.
  • To be good, a snorkel should certainly have a purge valve at the bottom to help with its clearance. This will make snorkeling easy and more pleasurable.


Finding a mask that fits perfectly is essential in order to ensure a good snorkeling experience. To fit right a mask must feel comfortable to wear, must fit and seal well around your face and must allow a good vision through it. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure your mask can be fitted with them. More expensive masks are generally made from better materials, including softer silicone and clearer glass, and this will make a big difference when snorkeling. Because the silicone skirt will be a lot of time in contact with your face, so the softer it is the best as less pressure will be needed to make a seal. Also, high-quality lenses have fewer impurities, leading more vibrant colours.


For snorkeling, you will need full foot fins instead of adjustable fins that you worn with boots. Choosing the right fins is important as it will make easy to pass through the water, hence allowing a much more enjoyable experience.

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