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Personality Development in the Light of Your Core Beliefs & Genuine Needs

The rat race of modern life, the brainwashing media, the stereotypes… All of this has somehow managed to cloud our vision in regard to the most important aspect of them all - our personal growth. Although we are all well aware that personality development is not something that can happen overnight, I can assure you that by regularly flossing your mind, you can free yourself from all unnecessary thoughts and worries that are holding your true potential behind.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of personal development tips, I want you to understand the true meaning of personality enhancement. In order to do so, I want you to free yourself, at least for a moment, from all the invisible prisons society has inflicted upon you and ask yourself the following question: What would you do, if there were no one to judge you? The answer to this question is your core belief.

Now, the first thing that will trouble your mind is the inability to practice what you really want if that is not in an alignment with the expectations that other people hold for you. However, if you think about your life as a session of different kinds of experience with expiration date, the opinion of others and its importance simply starts to fade away. Below I’ve elaborated on the 5 different stages of personal development.

  • Paying close attention to the way you feel in any given daily situation is your best personality test. We have been wrongly taught since we were little kids that to hide what you feel is a virtue, but this cannot be farther from the truth.
  • Making a list of what made you feel out of tune with yourself during the day and vice versa will help you create firm priorities to which you can hold on more and more in time. You might lose a friend or two, but you’ll find yourself.
  • Many personal development theories are based on the notion of universal expansion. This means that you can create your own reality by being honest with yourself and the others, staying in tune with nature, taking up a beneficial hobby, such as yoga and working your way through positively directed visualization for your future.
  • Bringing value to your life and making your being here beneficial to this universe as a whole is why we are here in our human form, according to many spiritual teachers that teach personal development courses. You can bring value to your life by following your core belief that hopefully will bring you to interests such as education, kindness, art, travel or simply being a rebel.
  • The final of all stages of personal development is by no coincidence the most beautiful one: acceptance. It is a common occurrence to feel as an outcast after you have redesigned your life to fit your genuine needs and all other people and their daily chores might start to make no sense to you. However, you must remember that every person must go through their own expansion. The development of personality is somewhat similar to the Darvin’s theory of evolution - something must challenge the survival mode so that an organism decides to evolve.
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