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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Buying Guidelines

Outdoor lighting fixtures represent a low voltage lighting solution that offers safety and character to a specific area. They are often seen outside of residential and commercial buildings where people walk around after dark.
Often used to illuminate driveways and entryways, outdoor lighting fixtures can also be used as a landscape design feature, to simply enhance the look of a house. When deciding which outdoor lighting fixtures to buy you should consider whether you want a light for safety or decorative purposes. This will help you decide which fixture choices are more suitable for your needs.
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Uplights – Fixtures designed to direct the light upward. They are placed at ground level and main used to highlight focal points of the landscaping or architecture.
Downlights – Fixtures designed to imitate natural light. They are placed above the area you want to highlight and are common in entryways or other areas that need security lighting.
Backlights – Fixtures designed to create dramatic silhouettes on a wall. They are used for artistic lighting around plants and landscaping and can make a feature really to stand out.
Pathlights – Fixtures that you place along the edges of a walking area for safe movement at night. They are normally placed low to the ground and spread light widely to illuminate the path.
Specialty – Fixtures used to provide an outdoor space a specific mood or atmosphere. These fixtures can vary in size, shape, and mount and are often specific to a particular purpose.
Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Once you determine the type of lighting you need for your outdoor space, it is time to choose the types of fixtures to install.
Wall and Ceiling Lights – These types of fixtures are often placed near doorways to illuminate the entry and offer a welcoming environment at night. They provide a wide, spreading light and can cover a large area.
Post Lights – Designed to offer a spreading light in all direction, post lights are small lamp posts used to add style to a walkway or driveway area.
Walkway Lights – Designed to offer light along a path or walkway, these fixtures can take many forms. From very small-scale post light to mushroom, pagoda or hanging lantern these lights can also be used in a garden to create interested around plants.
Deck Lighting – Often installed right into the deck these lights are used to illuminate stairs and railings. They are a great way to enhance an outdoor space for nighttime use.
Wall and Spotlights – These types of lights are typically used to illuminate landscaping around flowers, trees, or bushes to boost they beauty at night. They can also be used to make a small area look larger.
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