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Origin Of The Mercedes Benz Logo

While many car makers struggle to find the right logo to build a strong identity on, Mercedes Benz has found its iconic logo long time ago and it has been serving its purpose since ideally. The Mercedes Benz logo was first put on a hood of a car in 1926, when the two greatest German car companies merged with only one goal – to save themselves from the economic crisis during the World War II. Before they merge and give birth to today's well-known car maker Mercedes Benz, the two companies were known as Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (more known as DMG) and Benz & Cie.

For over 90 years, the three-pointed star represents Mercedes Benz all over the world, which is not a common case with other car logos which struggle to keep their original logo. This recognizable badge can be seen on some of the most durable, most reliable, most advanced technology-equipped and most innovative car models on the market. While it does really seem like just a common three-pointed star used because of its attractive design, the Mercedes Benz logo origin is more than it seems. The “simpler silver star” has a suspicious rather than mysterious origin, as people have made up several stories regarding it.

The original designer of the iconic Mercedes Benz logo is supposedly the founder of DMG, Gottlieb Daimler. There are several stories regarding how did Daimler come up with the logo and many people believe it to be true. The first and probably the best known story is that he wrote a postcard and sent it to his wife. After his death, his sons Adolf and Paul found that postcard and saw the location of Daimler's house in Germany marked with a three-pointed star. But that's not what the other story tells. Supposedly, Daimler drew the symbol and sent it to his wife, along with a note that explains that this symbol will bring huge success to a company. Needless to say, the triangle star brought Mercedes Benz a worldwide success and made it one of the most successful car manufacturers of all time.

Before the merging, DMG used a golden three-pointed star as its logo, while Benz & Cie used big and stylish letters “BENZ”, surrounded by a laurel wreath. When these two merged, the new company re-designed the DMG logo and so created the Mercedes Benz symbol we all know today. The Mercedes Benz logo also has a symbolic meaning; the three points symbolize Mercedes' domination on land, air and sea. Stylish, sleek, elegant and luxurious, the silver three-pointed star enclosed by a circle is definitely among the most recognizable car logos ever.

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