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How To Spot The Best Sports Water Bottles

To improve your health and stay fit you've being on a healthy diet and are practicing regular exercise. But what about the environment you live? What are you doing to keep it healthy? Did you know that millions of disposable plastic water bottles end up in landfill each year? To help protect the environment, you should stop buying disposable plastic water bottles and get yourself a sports water bottle.
Sports water bottles are a green alternative for your daily need, and some thermal models will keep your water colder for longer. Here is what you need to know to buy the best sports water bottles for your needs.
When choosing a sports water bottle, there are some things you will have to keep in mind.
Remember that a one bottle full of water can be pretty heavy to carry around all day.
But if you choose a smaller one, will you be able to fill it up during the day?
Do you want a bottle just to sit on your desk and help you monitor how much water are you drinking?
How much water will you drink during the day?
Leak-Proof Lid
Most metal and hard plastic sports water bottles (which cannot be squeezed to force water out) do not feature a leak proof top because there needs to be a very small hole for air to escape and allow a good flow of water to the user's mouth. So, are you looking for a bottle that can be tossed around in a bag without any water leaking on your phone or other contents or you will be able to keep your bottle upright, such as on your desk or in a backpack that features a bottle holder?
What material do you prefer: metal, glass or BPA- free plastic? Each has its benefits. Strong, thick quality plastic is light, robust and does not dent. Glass is certainly the safest (no toxins) and best for not tainting the flavours (for sports drinks and smoothies). Metal is also strong, but it can dent and the paint can scratch off.
Insulated or Not
If you wish to use your water bottle for cold or hot drinks, you must have a double walled insulated bottle. Never buy a plastic bottle for hot drinks. A stainless steel double walled insulated bottle makes a better choice for hot drinks since it prevents the risk of burns, etc.
Mouth Size
Do you like to put ice cubes inside your bottle? If so, you will need to choose a sports water bottle with a mouth big enough for ice.
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