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How to Incorporate the Tropical Beauty of Cordyline in Your Garden

Want to infuse your garden with a dose of vibrant colours and gorgeous texture? Well, the cordyline plant can make your outdoors look like a peaceful oasis ready for spending wonderful moments with family and friends. This a tropical plant that originates from South Asia and New Guinea. It thrives in areas where the weather is warm and pleasant even during the winter months and these days you can see this tropical plant growing in eastern Australia, Hawaiian Islands and other Pacific islands.

Cordyline (Cordyline fructosa) is best known for its gorgeous array of colours that can range from red to green and purple and their leaves can also be a mix of colours including red, white, purple and yellow. During blooming season the plant produces red or yellow flowers that have a lovely aroma and look gorgeous against the distinctive purple or reddish leaves. Long and usually narrow the leaves of the plant can add more dimension to your space and their vibrant dramatical colour would create nice focal points in your garden. To get the best Cordylines for sale it's essential to find a reputable nursery that takes great care of the plants it offers and can provide you with essential information about the plant.

There are different varieties of Cordylines for sale, each coming with its own distinctive colour. The most popular one is the Morning Sunshine, which aside from its gorgeous name has leaves that are equally as gorgeous. They have a pale green colour and are scattered with purple and pink dots. The variety Red Sister has dark purple or hot pink leaves which can often show some hints of green. With is rich purple colour, the Hawaiian Boy type look very similar to Red Sister, but its leaves are even more vibrant. Last, but not least we have the Black Mystique variety which is well deserving of its unique name. Its dark purple leaves shine wonderfully when kissed by the naughty bright sun and can instantly add a dose of magic to your garden.

To make sure your cordylines thive in your garden, it important to get more familiar with their specific growing requirements. Tropical plants like the cordyline can't handle very cold temperatures and need plenty of sunshine to develop healthy roots and leaves. Therefore you should avoid planting them in dark and dry areas in your garden, instead choose a spot that gets enough light, but is not directly exposed to the sun rays, since direct exposure can often damage the leaves. The Cordyline can be a bit tricky when it comes to watering. You should avoid overwatering at all cost since this can cause significant damage to the roots. It would be best to allow the soil to dry properly between waterings.

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