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How to Give Your Exterior a Functional and Elegant Lighting Design

You can have the most beautiful interior design, but if your exterior doesn't look the part then your living space will lack in both function and aesthetics. Few things can refresh a dull and dreary exterior design as practical and beautiful lighting. In fact, lighting is the most important element of a well-designed exterior. With the right lighting plan you can improve both the look and feel of your home and infuse your living space with a relaxing and inviting ambience. By combining different types and styles of lighting you can turn your backyard or patio into a wonderful place for spending fun moments with family after sunset.

The key to a successful lighting plan is keeping things simple, elegant and functional. Avoid using a large number of lights to illuminate each corner of your outdoor space, since this can completely ruin your exterior design. A charming blend of shadows and light is the thing that adds beauty, texture to dazzling outdoors. To achieve the perfect balance of shadows and lights, it's important to first consider how you plan to use your outdoors and what effects you want your lightning design to deliver. Do you want a space where you can unwind after a busy day or maybe your plan to host parties and entertain guests in your backyard? Do you want to emphasise certain features of your exterior design or maybe you want bright lights that can increase safety, or both?

Making a list of things you want to improve about your outdoors is a great way to create a smart lighting plan that oozes out function and elegance. Next, you should determine what type of lights will best work for your outdoor space. You would want something that is long-lasting, energy-efficient and reliable. The choice for outdoor lighting is usually between LED and halogen. While halogen lights provide bright illumination, LEDs with their modern design and advanced features are taking the lead as the most reliable outdoor lighting. For instance, exterior Led wall lights are designed to highlight the architectural features of your home and create a beautiful glow after dark. They consume less energy than other types of outdoor lights and unlike halogen bulbs, which are prone to overheating and damage, LEDs are made form durable materials and won't damage as easily.

Exterior Led wall lights can be the ideal choice for creating a dazzling entrance that will for sure make a stylish impression to your guests. When you want to emphasise certain features of your exterior design, I would recommend using double wall lights which can be adjusted to cast light in different directions and create a nice shadow on the wall that gives the space more dimension. While wall lights are great for highlighting the architecture of your house, a chic downlight should be the light type of your choice when you want to create safe and stylish pathways that. LED downlights are designed to deliver a nice soft glow, but you can also adjust them to cast a brighter light. To light up any décor elements in the backyard, consider using chic up-lights designed to infuse your outdoors with drama and elegance by casting bright light at décor features such as fountains, statues, benches and planters.

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