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How To Get A Us Bank Account For Non-Us Citizens From Abroad

As the largest economy in the world, there is no surprise that a lot of business happen in the USA. If you run business in US, by now you are probably aware of the fact that they would pay you only through local methods – bank accounts. Yeah, I cannot say that Paypal or some other types of money transfers doesn't work, but nowadays the chances of that type of payments are minimal.
Whether a businessman or international student, opening a bank account in the US is a must. Why, you may ask?! Because this is the easier way for managing your finances.
But, how to open US bank account?
The easiest way to open a US bank account is if you visit the US. Clearly, you will need to find the best and most reliable bank for you, go there and ask the manager if you could open a bank account. You will need only a passport or other form of ID for example, student ID or diver's license. What's left is to choose what type of bank account you want to open and that's pretty much everything you need to know.
Well, now comes the big question, how to open US bank account from overseas?
The answer is simple – contact a professional company that specializes in that type of stuff. Just make sure you choose one that is both credible and professional.
Since the US banking industry has changed the rules, overseas investors are dealing with difficulties related to opening US bank account from overseas. Especially the new regulation “Know Your Customer” (KYC) obligate banks not to open accounts to foreign nationals without having met them in person. But, that's not all, without any warning they closed thousands of accounts owned by legitimate Australian property investors causing a chaos.
Save yourself the time and money of going to the US only to open a bank account. Instead, turn to reliable company that can do the job for you. Just find a reliable one and choose a consultant you are comfortable with. The chosen consultant will help you open US bank account from overseas in no time.
Usually these type of companies have a lot of regional banking partners who will open US accounts for their members without the need to go to the USA. Pretty convenient, right?!
So, what are you waiting for? Ask around, go online, do your own research and choose a company that seems the most credible. Opening a US account has never been easier!
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