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Hot Outdoor Furniture Trends For This Summer

Summer slowly approaches its end, but luckily autumn is kind of friendly here in Australia so we can still steal a few wonderful days of sun. So instead of early preparing for the winter to come, you should make the most out of your pool, your fancy outdoor area with the sitting set, lounge chairs, sun beds and host the summer closing pool party your friends will talk about for the entire autumn season that follows!

Probably the most important reason why the end of the season is the best time to equip your summer outdoor settings with brand new, trendy stuff is because the end of each season is always marked by huge discount deals! And who says you can't use the settings you buy now throughout the seasons that will follow? After all, the goal is to buy something long-lasting, right? Talk about smart shopping.

And while we're talking about smart shopping for outdoor settings, the pieces you must have in your backyard are:

An outdoor suite

If you have a large, spacious backyard or even a pool area, the first thing you must get is an outdoor suite. These are elegant, large suites for sitting made of a slipper couch, double sitter couch, a regular sized ottoman and a coffee table. Pretty luxurious lounge area.

Outdoor dining set

It's a shame not to make the most out of a warm sunny day and have dinner in the backyard. And not to talk about the chance to prepare a romantic dinner with candles at night; mh, the ultimate gesture! For that to be complete, you need a nice dining set with chairs and a table. Make sure they're made of durable, easy to maintain material, like wicker for example.

A lounge chair

What's the point of the hot summer sun if you can't get a head-turning tan? A quality sun bed or a lounge chair, one you can position perfectly in your backyard to get as much sun as you possibly can is another thing on the list you should buy. When you choose, make sure the lounge chair is made of wicker, so that you can add a cushion on top if you want to, and if you don't you can lie on it without one but still be comfortable.

Prepare the bar!

If you have the space and you don't have a bar in the backyard I feel really sorry for you. Design one ASAP. And then get yourself a set of fancy bar chairs; the offer is so wide, you can choose something like metal ones with a nice button seat, or once made of wicker which are convenient because you can always style them with cushions. Plus these mainly come with back support, if that's your idea.

Now that you have all your outdoor settings bought and ready for use, start making good use of those few days of summer that are left and make yourself known as THE party-host in the neighbourhood!

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