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Flashlight Nitecore: A Supreme Tactical Flashlight

The advanced technology and attention to detail in a flashlight Nitecore is what sets these products apart from any other torch manufacturer in the world. Here we will mention some of the major features of a Nitecore torch, however, we won't be mentioning the specifics of some of the individual models because there is simply too much of them. These flashlights are often offered at end user prices well below what you would expect them to be, this is due to the power of buying in bulk and the streamlined process of manufacturing.

Regulated Digital Output

All of the flashlights from Nitecore incorporate a microcontroller that will provide you with a broad voltage and a fully regulated digital output. The result is that all of these products are compatible with lithium-ion, lithium, nickel metal hydride and alkaline battery chemistries. The fully regulated digital output offers you the optimal battery runtime from a brightness setting which can be selected and it has the potential from providing a dimming output from a fresh cell to extracting maximum brightness from a dying cell.

High-Efficiency LEDs from Cree

Every flashlight Nitecore is regularly updated with the latest LEDs Cree has to offer. They are leading the industry of diode production. Their LEDs are capable of providing you with the emission of hundreds, and even thousands of lumens.They consume very little energy, have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are basically indestructible.

Multiple Modes of Output

Each torch has a range of multiple output modes. The means of changing the output mode are can be different depending on the model, however, that doesn't matter. In the end, you get a user-friendly and practical interface which will suit your needs in different kinds of situations.

Reflectors with Precision

All of the flashlights from Nitecore contain metal reflectors which were designed with precision and emit a beam profile that consists of a spill beam an intense hotspot and large corona. A profile that is meticulously designed like this eliminates the need of a function in order to focus, his is because the distant targets and the immediate are illuminated at the same time. These days a flashlight Nitecore is produced with the longest throwing small form factor in the world. Some Nitecore products are able to reach targets as far away as 300 meters and some are able to pass that point and go even beyond that.

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