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Fitness Nutrition: Facts on Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports nutrition supplements have been growing in popularity in the recent years. More and more athletes start to implement the so-called dietary supplements in their daily routine. The main reasons why a growing number of recreational and professional athletes use supplements include: improved endurance during workout; rebuilding muscles after rigorous training; protecting the body from free radicals that are released as a result of the oxidation process that occurs during the physical activities, etc. All in all, sports nutrition supplements help people with active lifestyle perform better and achieve the desired results on an faster and more efficient manner, regardless of the type of sport they are practicing and the type of exercising regime and diet plan they follow.
If you've never used nutrition supplements before, you should consult with your doctor about what types of supplements you may need. You may ask, how I'm supposed to determine whether I need supplements or not? In fact, some of the general indicators, pointing out that dietary supplements may help you for improving your workout performance can be situations such as: increasing the workout intensity; starting certain workout plan with which you aim to build muscle mass; following specific diet plan which limits certain nutrients such as carbohydrates or proteins, etc.
Besides consulting with your doctor before you start using sports nutrition supplements, you need to make a good research in order to learn more about the specific types of supplements you plan to include in your diet. If you are a newbie to sports supplementation who doesn't know from where to start, keep on reading, we've made a simple guide consisting of the basic yet most important fitness nutrition facts on sports supplements. More specifically, we've covered the most popular sports nutrition supplements that are proven to be effective and safe to use.
Caffeine is one of the most popular and most commonly used energy-boosting substance. It has been proven to help in increasing alertness and improve endurance. In fact, if you drink a caffeinated drink half hour before your training, it may help you improve endurance and performance. Also, it has been proven that caffeine can curb muscle soreness after workout. However, make sure that the amount of caffeine you intake on a daily basis doesn't outreach 400mg, which equals to four cups of coffee.
Creatine monohydrate is a fitness supplement that features high absorbency. In fact, up to 99% of this protein is absorbed in the body, shortly after consumption. This type of protein supplement is a perfect solution for the athletes that don't intake enough proteins through diet, or more specifically by eating meat or dairy products and for athletes with rigorous workout regime, such as sprinters and weight lifters. Moreover, the protein content in Creatine has a significant impact in muscle mass rebuilding and recovering after high-intensity training.
Burning muscles is an issue most athletes face with during certain types of exercises. This unpleasant condition is caused by the so-called lactic acid that is released from your muscles during high-effort physical activity. Beta-alanine is a supplement that is known (but not scientifically proven) to improve this condition and eliminate the feeling of burning muscles to certain degree.
Whey Protein
Athletes use whey protein for growing lean muscle mass. It has been shown that taking whey protein shake thirty minutes after workout can reduce muscle damage and help in repairing and building muscle mass. This type of sports nutrition supplements are highly-recommended for resistance exercises, such as weight lifting, leg abduction, wall shin raises, plank, arm raises and many other exercises that require high level of endurance.
Antioxidants are nutrients whose role is to neutralize free radicals, the elements that increase acidity in the body. Neutralizing free radicals, and with that the acidity in the body is of vital importance for preventing various serious diseases. Antioxidants can be found in most fruits and vegetables, but not in the exact amount your body needs to “fight” free radicals, which are released as a result of the oxidation process which occurs during intensive physical activity. For this reason, fitness nutrition experts recommend including additional amounts of antioxidants through sports nutrition supplements.
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