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Easy Dental Tips For Busy Moms

Dental Care

Play dates, carpools, errands, having a job, etc., only busy moms really know how it is trying to find time for themselves.
Nowadays, women are busier than ever. Working moms with kids are hard pressed for time, leading many of them to neglect even the basics. And that include proper dental hygiene for themselves.
Visiting your cosmetic dentist in a regular basis is something that you already know you have to do in order to keep a good dental health. But, aside of this there are also other ways you can use to ensure a proper oral care. Here are some dental tips for busy moms that will help you keep your dental health while keeping you on the go.
1. Drink plenty of water
Keep bottles in the car, a glass on your bedside table, and a full pitcher of water in the refrigerator. Aside of the common health benefits such as helping with weight loss and flushing out toxins, staying hydrated will also clear your mouth of bacteria and boost your productivity.
2. Always be prepared
Keep a travel-sized toiletries with a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash in your bag all the time. Other useful emergency items to have with you are hand wipes, bandages, deodorant, and sunscreen. Having these items with you can help prevent minor disasters.
3. Keep healthy snacks within reach
A vending machine or a drive-thru might seem like the best snack option when you are on a time crunch. To avoid these unhealthy snacks, keep some healthier snacks in your purse and car: Great choices include fresh fruits and vegetable, non-perishables like pretzels, nuts, popcorn, seaweed snacks, healthy protein bars. Look for snacks with 20 grams of protein, low sugar and with few ingredients.
4. Tooth-Friendly Gum
When brushing your teeth is not possible after meals, grab a stick of sugar-free gum. The acting of chewing promotes saliva production, and that will help your mouth naturally rinse itself. Give preference for a gum sweetened with xylitol. Studies have shown that xylitol can also help rid harmful bacteria of the mouth.
5. Don't skip the visits to your cosmetic dentist
Maintain regular visits to an affordable cosmetic dentist about once every six months. The better you keep your routine dental care visits, the quicker and easier each visit will be, so you can get back with your busy schedule.
6. Relax
When you overwork and get stressed to the max, you may start subconsciously to grind your teeth. This can lead damage to your jaw and trigger cold sore and canker sore outbreaks. Try to find a little time for yourself and practice activities like yoga and meditation. You can even try stealing fifteen minutes of a quite hot bubble bath. These will help you reduce stress and protect your oral health – and mental health too!
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