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Coping With Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Treating cancer with chemotherapy includes usage of chemotherapy drugs that target and destroy the cells in the body that grow and divide much faster than most of the other cells in the body. Fast growth and multiplying is not a characteristic exclusive to the malign cells, there are normal cells in the body such as those in the mucous membranes of the mouth, hair follicles, gastrointestinal system and the skin, that also grow and divide faster than the other cells in the body.
Chemotherapy drugs can't “recognize” and make a difference between the normal fast-pace growing cells and the cancerous cells, and for that reason these drugs attack and destroy them altogether with the cancerous cells. This is the cause of several side effects of chemotherapy among which the most notable is hair loss.
In general, chemotherapy hair loss happens two or three weeks after the first treatment with chemotherapy drugs. Coping with chemotherapy hair loss is one of the many challenges people undergoing a cancer treatment face. Having hair falling out from the body, particularly from the face doesn't only affect cancer patient's physical appearance, but the self-confidence and overall psychological condition as well.
If you are undergoing a chemotherapy treatment, you are certainly looking for a reliable solution that will help you cope with hair loss. It is true that hair doesn't fall out all in once but truth be told, no matter how long you prolong shaving your head, you'll have to deal with hairs on your pillow, clothes, in the bath tub and sink and literally all over the house.
To save you the inconvenience, it is recommended shaving your head as soon as you notice severe hair loss. There's no denying that it can be an emotional and stressful thing to do, and that going hairless is what speaks that you're a cancer patient, but that doesn't mean that you can't do nothing to change this.
Since nothing can be done with the purpose of re-growing your hair until you finish the last chemotherapy treatment, at least you can do is to hide the temporal hair loss. This can be done in several ways, such as for example by wrapping a scarf over your head, wearing hat or a wig.
Wrapping a scarf over your head or wearing a head can help you hide hair loss and make a fashion statement at the same time, while wearing a wig is a far more convenient solution because in this way you can hide the lack of hair in total. It is true that wearing wig made of artificial materials gives an unnatural look and feel. However, this is not always the case, because there are hair saloons that offer custom-made wigs made of natural materials and in accordance to the natural colour of your hair.
Wearing a custom-made wig suited to your individual needs and hair characteristics is far more convenient way to hide chemotherapy hair loss than by wearing a wig in a random colour that doesn't match your overall look and personality. With that being said, with the purpose of coping with chemotherapy hair loss on a convenient way, make it a point to find such a wig that will help you make feel more natural and with that better about your hair loss problem. Regardless if you will be wearing the wig all the time or only in public, you certainly don't need a solution that will make you feel even worse, for that reason choose wisely.
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