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Can You Stop Smoking With Hypnosis?

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Hypnosis, when applied well, is a highly effective tool for helping and healing a variety of conditions from post-traumatic stress disorder to clinical depressions and even physical conditions such as burns and warts.
But people have a powerful association with the use of hypnosis for healing something else. Something that kills millions of people a year and that limits and ages the body and brain – smoking.
To be addicted to something, you need to believe that it is going to be good for you in some way. The excitement you get when you are anxious to do something locks your attention into an addictive trance state. And the great feeling of satisfaction you get after you've done something such as smoking is caused by chemicals called endorphins. This natural satisfaction drive explains how someone become addicted and why they end needing more and more of the addictive experience.  
Although there is plenty of research showing people just how bad smoking is for their health, but many people still doing it. That is because smoking is a habit, and it is one of the toughest habits to break. It is true that quitting smoking can be very difficult, but still, it is one of the greatest things you can do for your health.
Quitting smoking requires more than just strong will. To accomplish this challenge, it is necessary that you really understand and accept the effects of smoking, consider what you will gain from quitting it and the most important, the different ways you can do it. Many methods to stop smoking, that  promises to be effective, are available out there. They include internet quitting programs, medication, nicotine path etc. However, the most known effective to stop smoking is hypnosis.
Due to its high success rate and excellent results, hypnosis to stop smoking is becoming one of the most south-after forms of quitting smoking treatment. The procedure consists in a patient being put in a deep and relaxed state of mind, where the mind will be more open to suggestion. A hypnotherapist will then work in change your thought patterns by making suggestions like “I do not want a cigarette”, changing them your pleasant outcome to an unpleasant outcome from smoking.
Once you've made the commitment to hypnosis to stop smoking, you will have to find a hypnotherapist. Although some psychologists, mainstream doctors and counselors offer hypnotherapy services, it should only be performed by a formal trained and qualified professional.
So, when looking for a hypnotherapist, look for qualified and experienced professionals. Also, check if the hypnotherapist is licensed by the Australian Hypnotherapists` Association, which is recognized by Federal and State Government and/or membership of professional organizations.
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