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Best Ways To Hide Hair Loss For Men

Hide Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a big psychological blow to men. For many of them, it's likely the first sign they are getting old. It is true that hair loss is an indirect reminder that one's youthful glory days are slowly getting away. And, this can definitely make a man feel less confident and attractive. Because hair loss is something that affects hundreds of millions around the world, we've thought it would be good to offer some help on how to deal with hair loss. Following are the best ways to hide hair loss for men.
1. Combo-Over
  • Sometimes a comb-over can represent a great solution. However, to be able to disguise a modestly-sized patch you will need a quiff and plenty of hairspray. You should not get tempt to brush you hair forward or from one ear to another. 
2. Volumising Hair Fibres
  • Also known as sprinkle, volumising hair fibres are designed to stick to the hair hence, creating the appearance of a full thatch. They have been around for a while and are for many men a great instant solution to gaping holes in their hair.
  • All you have to do is basically sprinkle the product on (like salt), and the fibres magically fill out the gaps. The downside of volumising hair fibres is that getting the right colour can be quite difficult. Also, they tend to work better for small patches of hair loss. 

3. Hair Thickening Spray
  • Hair thickening spray is a spray made of tiny coloured fibres that allow you to kind 'paint over' your patch. However, you need to be careful on how to apply this product. A simple rule to follow is: Less is more. If you spray it all over or use it too much, you may end up with a look a little bit wig-like. 

4. Thicken and Strengthen products
Nowadays, the market is full of hair thickening products designed to temporarily thicken the hair shaft, making it looks plumper. Although these products aren't going to totally remedy your problem, but they can sure help you make the most of what hair you still have.
5. Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Scalp micropigmentation is a technique used to tattoo the scalp of the head. On this hide hair loss procedure very tiny dots of pigment are tattooed in your scalp, matching the colour of your existing hair and creating an evenly stubble effect. 
Although this procedure works for bald patches, it is more recommended for total baldies.
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