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Awesome Things We have Learned from Watching Cartoons

Valuable Life Lessons From Cartoons

Now, cartoons and animated movies are considered as popular programs that are lоved by people of all ages all around the world. Besides the entertainment and humor the cartoon shows carry many messages that are very valuable. It is wrong to say that cartoons are exclusively for children. Children as well as adults are able to learn numerous life lessons from the cartoons in addition to the entertainment. The animated movies provide the viewers various lessons that are crucial and closely related to real life situations. The cartoons provide moral education to all those who watch them regularly.

1. “Lead your life in the real world along with others instead of spending most of your time online.”

This lesson that we learned from Wall – E is very significant and is very much relevant to those who live in the computer age. People learn from “Robot” which is in fact a machine, how to be alive in this world. Many people nowadays forget to live a real life since most of the time they are absorbed in to the world of internet. The cartoon teaches us to get rid of the online based lifestyle and start to live in the true world along with other people who are living here.

2. “Unless you care and protect the nature, you cannot make it a better place to live.”

This lesson was delivered by the animated movie “The Lorax”. This movie creates environmental awareness in the minds of the viewers in a very simple but effective way. Those who watch this movie get the clear picture of the world where none is aware of the environment. Out of ignorance they feel happy and lead their life. When the people come out of the four walls that they constructed they find the real world in an awful condition. This movie carries the message that man should learn how to live in harmony with the nature. He has to protect the nature instead of ruining it.

3. “Make use of your brain”.

This “good lesson for all” is taught by the animated movie “The Croods”. Under the influence of Ryan Reynold’s character there were a lot of changes. The Croods started to look at the world keeping their eyes and ears open. They started to show curiosity about things that were new to them instead of getting away from them out of fear and ignorance. They realized that the world is for those who live using their intelligence. They understood that things go on changing and the society must adapt to the changes and get along with them.

4. “Prove yourself that you are special here”.

The movie “The Lego” carries a useful message for everyone. This story is entirely different from the normal fictions in which the heroes are already destined. In this movie, one wants to find out “The Special” person. But who is “The Special”? The movie teaches that you should not wait for someone to announce that you are the special one. You must prove through your actions that you are “The Special”. When it is proved to the world that you are “The Special”, none need to tell you the same.

5. “You can accept only if you understand.”

The movie “How to Train your Dragon?” carries this highly meaningful message. You may not be able to understand all the people around you. You should not hate others just because you failed to understand them. You must develop tolerance and have an open mind to understand them. In the movie people are dragons. The Vikings hated the dragons for no reason. They became angry and violent when they came to know that the dragons steal their livestock. But when Hiccup brought to light the truth, they understood the real nature of dragons and consequently there was no more hatred. They were able to live together in harmony.

6. “If you follow your dream you can do what you want”.

The important message carried by the animated movie “Ratatouille” is about potential of the individual. If we think that anyone can be a good cook, we are wrong. At the end of the movie Remy made it clear that cooking is not so easy to be carried out by anyone. Only a person who has the skill to cook can do it and he may be from anywhere. Developing the skills is important to shine in a field. One’s own background has nothing to do with it. One can fulfill his dream by pursuing it. By way of hard work and determination one can achieve his goal.

7. “If you keep moving forward, ultimately you will win.”

From the animation movie “Meet the Robinsons” we get the message that we should keep moving forward in spite of all the challenges and difficulties that we face on the way. The main character of the story Louis proves that if one keeps on moving forward and is undeterred by the obstacles, he is sure to win. In the story Louis had no other option but to move forward and succeed. He proved that it is possible to succeed if we keep on moving forward. One has to move forward till he reaches where he wanted to reach.

8. “The more you struggle, the stronger you will be.”

This is a great lesson one can learn from the Disney movies. The messages that we get from Walt Disney movies are real pieces of wisdom. We learn that the hardships that we undergo in our life mould us and make us perfect. After the long struggle in my life, I will be a better person. So, the hardships made me to improve as well as change. The words from the Chinese Emperor in “Mulan” – “the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” – remain in our hearts forever.

9. “Have confidence in yourself.”

All those who watch the Disney movies must take this message seriously because most of us underestimate ourselves. In the movie, the character “Pooh” lacks in self-confidence. Christopher Robin knows very well that Pooh is strong but he underestimates himself. Finally Pooh realizes that he underestimated his capabilities. He realized that he can achieve much more than what he thought possible for him. There are many people who are ignorant of their own capabilities. One has to identify the power in him. When one has the power he can achieve what he wants.

10. “Learn from the past.”

This is another great life-lesson one can learn from Disney movies. We cannot forget what Rafiki from the Lion King said, “either run from your past or learn from it”. Many painful things might have happened in life in the past and those incidents might have made our life miserable at that time. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to lead a miserable life throughout. We can come out of the miseries. Let us learn from the past experiences. The lessons that we learned from the past will help us to lead a fruitful life in future.

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