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A Brief History of Education

..the invention of school

School has a long history and can trace its roots all the way back to ancient Greece when larger groups of students met in learning areas. These types of schools were called academies and around 385 BC, famous scholar Plato developed a school of philosophy which was known as Akademia. However, to attribute the invention of school to one person would be very hard.

The world known education system was created by the Byzantine Empire around 425 A.D. However, these schools were originally required only for military members. The Byzantines wanted children to be taught subjects like Philosophy, Math, and History, but unfortunately this school system ended with the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 A.D.

Islam also played a huge role when it comes to the invention of school. The Islamic culture gave great importance to learnign and knowledge and at the begining, learning took place in Mosques. Around the 9th century schools that were called Madrassa were built to offer learning to all and because of that, there is a connection between the Islamic facilities and today’s modern schools.

The man who is associated with the invention of school is Horace Mann. He was born in 1796 in Massachusetts and he is the person who started the modern school system. Mann was a college professor who eventually became the president of the college. Even though there were a lot of school systems even before Horace Mann, he is attributed with the creation of the Normal School System in Massachusetts in 1838.

Another person who is considered as one of the inventors od school is Harry P. School. In 1369, School started gathering neighborhood children who were disobedient and shut them in a building. He then hired adults to watch over the children and parents liked the idea. So, even though School didn't have much to do with teaching kids, the idea of having kids come to a specific location to give them something to do could be credited to him.

Education was and still is an essential part of proper children development. Many people have contributed to make the school system more efficient and today's modern system is improved better than before.

Schools today are places where children learn the distinction between work and play and that learning is work not play. The biggest reason why we are obligated to go to school from an early age is because we need to learn the adjusted version of reality in order to fit in the world as we grow.

Six or seven hours a day for a few years of your life may seem too much, but you need to understand that education is very important. Education helps you broaden your spectrum of knowledge and avoid social embarrassment. Educated people know how to take care of their health, thus they live longer by resorting to healthier alternatives. When the people of one nation are educated, they will carve ways to be self sufficient and that will lead to a economic growth of the nation. Education also help your build a network with people whose resources might work the best in your benefit and helps you gain job opportunities to be happy and financialy independent. It is only possible to have a happy and balanced life once you are self dependent and have a good reputation in the society. Educated people have no inferiority complex, little job insecurities and a better understanding of the world.

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